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The name of Koolwijk has been familiar to ships wanting to victual when at Vlissingen for years. Several generations of the same family have seen to a continuous service in the widest sense of the word considering the supply of shipstores and necessities to ships of all nationalities.

A. Koolwijk Sr. founded the firm in 1923. His son Anton Jr. continued his activities until 1998. Since that year his daughter Anita became general manager. On 1 January 2006, A Koolwijk Shipstores BV merged with Maaskant Store to form Koolwijk Shipstores VOF. So Anita Koolwijk and Wim Maaskant now are, together, the general managers.

At first only tobacco and other smoker's requisites were delivered to the shipping company "Maatschappij Zeeland". In 1945 the firm became a full ship chandler. Anton Jr. started in the company aged 16 years old in 1949. He started with a moped 'Solex' with a small trailor. Till now he is still proud that the firm has outlived eight competitors over the years. This required a lot of energy and perseverance. Nevertheless Koolwijk Shipstores has succeeded in building up a nice clientele.

In 2013 we not only expanded our warehouses, but we also build a new office building. We are now situated in a new bright and spacious office. You can understand that we are very proud and happy about this. You are always welcome to drop by, if you are nearby. There is always coffee/tea available and we are more than happy to give you information about our company.

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